Why I'm Running

Utah County needs a strategic vision to streamline services, prepare for incoming growth and be an example of good conservative governance for the nation.

Utah County just experienced the largest tax increase in our history because Utah County leadership has been asleep at the wheel. We have no strategic vision for where we want to go as a county. We have been adrift with government services growing more and more expensive right under our noses.

Before we knew it we were faced with three options:

  • Raise taxes

  • Cut services

  • Go into debt

I will make sure that never happens again

I have already done this in the Clerk/Auditor’s office but it is time we do this for the county as a whole. We need a conservative plan that:
  • Provides conservative solutions to prepare for population growth
  • Creates a culture and environment where small businesses can flourish
  • Incorporates innovation to make county services more efficient
  • Continues to drive transparency and accountability in the county budgeting process
  • Balances water resources for population growth while to supporting local food producers

This is just the beginning and there is much more to do. Please join me in creating an even better Utah County