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United States Senator

Mike Lee

Amelia is a liberty minded-conservative --one who has brought real solutions to Utah County in ther service as Utah County Clerk. I'm looking forward to her continuing that service on a broader scale as a member of the Utah County Commission. Amelia is a true superstar and I endorse her wholeheartedly

United States Congressman

Burgess Owens

Amelia Powers Gardner is exactly the kind of leader that Utah County needs right now. Her proven record of innovation and efficiency has helped to strengthen and prepare the county for the extraordinary growth that they are facing.

Amelia's commitment to solid conservative principles combined with her effective leadership style will benefit Utah County for years to come. I wholeheartedly endorse Amelia for the Utah County Commission.

Fraternal Order of Police

On behalf of law enforcement represented by the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, I'd like to say thank you for your service and for your willingness to serve again.

Utah State Senator

Mike Kennedy

Amelia Powers Gardner is a proven leader in Utah County. She has successfully updated and innovated the Utah County Clerk/Auditor’s Office while being transparent and respectful of taxpayers. I hope she runs for this vacancy as she would have my full support and endorsement. 

Utah State Representative

Cory Maloy

Amelia will be a great commissioner for Utah County. I'm grateful for what she has already done for our county. I'm grateful she is running.

Utah State Representative

Jefferson Moss

I’m supporting Amelia for county commission because she has a proven track record of solving problems and getting things done. She’s not only a great visionary, but also a great executor. She brings the skills, temperament and strategic perspective that we need to manage the continued explosive growth in our county.

Utah State Representative

Kay Christofferson

When Amelia Powers Gardner was first elected to be our County Commissioner it was because of her record of hard work, innovation, and her ability to work well with others. That is still the case. She cares about Utah County and shows it by her dedication to this office and the choices she makes as an elected official. Please join me in support of Amelia for another 4 years!

State Representative &
Former Utah GOP Vice Chair

Kera Birkeland

I've had the pleasure of working with Amelia politically for almost a decade. What I love about Amelia is her ability to quickly accomplish any task at hand, all while working well with those around her. She's approachable, competent, and conservative with tax dollars. Most importantly, Amelia has always shown herself to be honest, open minded, polite, and capable. I appreciate and respect Amelia's strong desire to serve and to have that desire met with great competence.

Former State Representative

Dave Lifferth

I have always been impressed by Amelia. She has proven that she is a true conservative by the way she has served in elected office. She doesn't just talk the talk to get elected, she follows through and gets the job done. Amelia has earned my trust and I have confidence that she will be a great Utah County Commissioner.

Former State Representative

Marc Roberts

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Amelia for County Commissioner. Amelia is a proven leader and is committed to limited government. She has done a remarkable job as the County Clerk and I'm excited to see her serve on the County Commission.

Salt Lake County Councilwoman

Aimee Winder Newton

I have been impressed by Amelia's leadership as she took the reins of the Utah County Clerk's office. I look forward to seeing her bring that same enthusiasm, hard work, and thoughtful deliberation to the Utah County Commission. She understands policy and I trust she will make sound decisions for the people of Utah County. 

Former Deputy Utah County Attorney

Anthony Loubet

Before taking office, Amelia had already done her research on how to upgrade the current voting system. I witnessed firsthand how she hit the ground running; she implemented systems and technology that maximized efficiency and minimized or reduced costs. She knows how to do more with less. In a rapidly growing County, Amelia’s experience and expertise would be crucial in helping Utah County prepare for the future.

Eagle Mountain Mayor

Tom Westmoreland

I am thrilled to see Amelia Gardner running for Utah County Commission. She has my full support. 

Saratoga Springs City Council

Chris Carn

I got to know Amelia through her campaign for Utah County Clerk.  As a delegate, it was an easy choice to support her running for an office that was in disarray.  Her approach to tackling the hard problems that faced the Clerk’s office was impressive to watch.  In a short period of time, she turned that office from what some considered to be an embarrassment into a role model used by other municipalities around the Country.   She was 100% the right person for that job at that time.  Our County Commission has had issues for many years.  Looking at the candidates for Utah County Commission I believe Amelia is again the right person for the job right now.  Her detailed approach will help keep Utah County a conservative fiscally responsible government for years to come.  As a precinct chair, my vote will be for Amelia Powers Gardner for County Commissioner.

Riverton City Council Member

Tawnee McCay

Amelia Powers Garner has done a fantastic job as Utah County Clerk. When election offices in other states were putting up blinds and covering their windows, Amelia‘s team was breaking holes in the wall to put in windows to have an award-winning, transparent, innovative election office. I support and look forward to seeing what Amelia does as a Utah County Commissioner.

Woodland Hills City Council Member

Kari Malkovich

As a local elected official, I appreciate Amelia's ability to work in a respectful and professional manner with others from diverse and varied backgrounds. Whether with elections, marriage licenses, passports, tax administration, or budgeting, Amelia has shown her ability to lead and manage the interests and affairs of Utah County citizens. She is a leader who listens, learns, and then takes action to improve the quality of life for all.

Corporate and Political Public Relations Strategist

Cindie Quintana

Amelia Powers Gardner is a proven problem solver, she is not afraid to implement change, and innovation. Amelia has the best interests of the constituents at heart. Utah County has thrived under her leadership.

Utah business executive and former gubernatorial candidate

Jonathan Johnson

Amelia Powers Gardner is a rare public servant who adheres to small government conservative principles and implements innovative new solutions to make government more efficient. She listens to and serves her constituents. I wholeheartedly endorse Amelia for Utah County Commissioner. 

Conservative Activist

Kevin Greene

Amelia will be a great addition to the Utah County Commission.

Conservative Activists

Renee & Kevin Braddy

Amelia is courageous, bold and unafraid to do the right thing. She has brought a much needed and unique perspective to the county commission. She and her husband Tobin have been strong voices in defense of liberty. It would be an honor and in the best interest of Utah County to have her energetic and passionate voice combined with her strong work ethic.

Utah Business Revival Founder

Eric Moutsos

I very rarely give political endorsements, because very rarely does a candidate have what it takes to be a true leader in today's climate, but if you're in Utah County, I hope you will look into Amelia Powers Gardner with the Utah County Commissioner opening. 

She was one of the first elected representatives (Her and Mayor Julie Fullmer) to attach her name to the Utah Business Revivals trying to help save the "non essential" businesses that were dying during the shutdowns. She came to speak at many of them, and because of her, other politicians attached their names. It just starts with one. 

For a long time watching the political sentiment in Utah, I've very rarely met someone who stands on principle like Amelia does. I've seen her challenge very powerful people in Utah on policy and principle, and it's inspiring to watch. 

She will not only be great representative, but a great leader. Please spread the word Utah County! Elections matter.

Joel Wright

I'm pleased to endorse Amelia Powers Gardner for the Utah County Commission. She has a proven track record of not only standing up for my values, but effectively implementing those values. Specifically, I believe her effective efforts to improve our voting procedures in Utah County resulted in Burgess Owens winning last year. She's smart. She's ready. Please join me in supporting her as well.  

Leah Hansen

Amelia understands how to work with cities and the needs of Utah County residents. She’s great to work with and knows how to get things done. Amelia will be an amazing County Commissioner.

Lynda Cox

Amelia is a consummate professional and has made a fantastic county commissioner. Her herculean efforts to reform the Utah County elections process created a standard for Utah, and really for the entire country. She has been called on nationally to provide expertise to help others do what she has done. She doesn't make excuses. She just makes it happen. I hope you will consider encouraging your county delegates to support her.

Former Orem Precinct Chair and Delegate

Mike Faragher

I first got to know Amelia and her husband Tobin while serving as a Precinct Chair and Delegate several years ago when she ran for what was then Utah County Clerk/Auditor. She produced otherworldly results in an unbelievably short time that will impact that office for years to come.

Amelia was and is the rare type of citizen servant-leader that possesses both powerful, passionate patriotism and compassionate, charitable character in abundance. She brings a broad base of many personal perspectives and skill sets as a Commissioner our County has desperately needed for some time.

Our County has been and would be indeed fortunate to have her abilities and aptitudes again. Without reservation, I implore every Utah County citizen to vote for Amelia Powers Gardner.

United States Congressman

John Curtis

I admire Amelia's ability to work hard, innovate and accomplish very difficult tasks. When she tells you she is going to do something you can count on it. I'm pleased to support her for the Utah County Commission. 

Utah State Auditor

John Dougall

Amelia has done an incredible job, in a very short time, improving the clerk/auditor operations in Utah County. We need her to do the same thing for the entire county. Join me in voting for Amelia for county commissioner!

Utah County Sheriff

Mike Smith

As the county sheriff I have worked with Amelia closely over the last few years. She has been great to work with, understands the budget, and will lead the county in a conservative direction. Amelia has my full support for Utah County commission.

Utah State Senator

Jake Anderegg

I've known Amelia for a long time. She's proven time and time again her ability to improve government operations while sticking to her principles. Amelia is exactly the type of person we need leading Utah County.

Utah State Reprersentative

Doug Welton

With tremendous amounts of growth coming to Utah County, we need a Commissioner with vision and a willingness to innovate and break old molds in order to deal with the new issues and problems. Amelia is a proven leader who is not afraid to tackle difficult issues. She is relentless in her drive to make government more efficient and promote positive change.

Utah State Representative

Jon Hawkins

As our County Clerk, Amelia Powers Gardner has been instrumental in changing how our county is run. She is an innovator and embraces new ideas of how to manage things more efficiently. She intuitively understands how to get things done. And she will bring that know-how to the County Commission to ensure our county continues to run well. I believe Amelia is the right person for Utah County right now.

Utah State Representative

Marsha Judkins

I am excited to endorse Amelia Powers Gardner for Utah County Commissioner! Amelia is knowledgeable and does her research to find data driven, innovative solutions to difficult problems while being very careful and responsible with taxpayer dollars. She is accessible and takes the time to listen and engage with her constituents. Amelia Powers Gardner has a proven track record of strong and responsive leadership, and her perspective will be a great addition to our County Commission. 

Former State Representative

Brian Greene

I have known Amelia for nearly 10 years in both a professional and personal capacity, and I consider her to be a person of high integrity and strong principle. Rarely, have I met anyone who can rival Amelia’s abilities as an analytical solutions provider. Because good governance is dependent upon the very character and abilities Amelia personifies, I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for Utah County Commissioner.

Former State Representative and Congressional Candidate

Kim Coleman

Amelia has amazingly restored confidence and capacity in the office of county clerk by creating substantial and impactful efficiencies and integrity in voting systems and operations and deploying latest technology-- all in record time! She became an overnight trusted leader and example in Utah County, in our state and across the nation, made UTCo an example of elections operations to emulate. In 2020 we learned how very important this is. It would be awesome to see her continue that skill set to a broader policy arena. Utah County would be well served if Amelia remained a commissioner.

Former RNC Vice Chairman & Utah GOP Chairman

Thomas Wright

I’ve known Amelia and worked with her for several years. She is a true conservative and an innovator. Most recently, she’s proven her ability to get the job done in the Clerk/Auditor’s office. Amelia will do a great job as a commissioner and has my full endorsement.

Former Summit County Council Member

Tal Adair

As a Former County Council Member, I speak from experience on how demanding it can be and the skills needed to get the job done in a County Office. I have known Amelia for years and she has the know how and the leadership skills to continue being a strong asset on the Utah County Commission.

Former Utah County Commissioner Candidate

John Morris

Amelia has done a fantastic job as commissioner! I am excited to see what she can do with a full term!

Vineyard Mayor

Julie Fullmer

Amelia has the leadership to carry the county forward. She brings a track-record of implementing innovative real-solutions to county issues. She is a strong conservative leader with great capacity to work with people on all sides of the aisle while fully maintaining core-values. Her professionalism and competency build an atmosphere of trust, transparency, and consistency. I look forward to the visionary leadership she will provide.

Provo City Council Member

Travis Hoban

When I think about what Amelia Powers Gardner has accomplished as County Clerk, 3 Cs come to mind:

  • COURAGE to make tough decisions

  • CHALLENGES the status quo

  • COMPETENT to get the job done 

She definitely has my support.

Draper City Council

Mike Green

Amelia understands how to work with cities and the needs of Utah County residents. She’s great to work with and knows how to get things done. Amelia will be an amazing County Commissioner. 

Director of Community Action,
Pro-Life Utah

Aaron Bullen

I am grateful we were able to convince Amelia to run for County Comission 11 months ago. She is eminently qualified and capable. She is a friend and someone I would trust in any elected position, but especially in a management/leadership position like commissioner.

Judicial Law Clerk

Joshua Stock

I wholeheartedly endorse Amelia Powers Gardner for Utah County Commissioner. As clerk she has restored trust in Utah County elections and saved the county money. She is dedicated to liberty and frugal fiscal management. Here's to the first female Utah County Commissioner!

UTCo Elections Voter Outreach Coordinator

Justin Anderson

I fully support Amelia for Utah County Commissioner. For years I’ve seen her serve our neighbors and community. She has a proven record of fiscal responsibility that is needed on the commission and a unique ability to innovate that ensures Utah County remains competitive. I look forward to her steady leadership on the commission and in our community. 

Former KMV Representative

Patti Bateman

I have known Amelia for more years than I can count. I have always known her to be fully engaged to good causes, she is dedicated, passionate, and a hard worker. She has been a great commissioner and has my full support.

Andrew & Shannon Willis

Our friend Amelia Powers Gardner is running for the seat of Utah County Commissioner - I cannot recommend her enough! She upholds conservative values, does what she says she is going to set out to do and is the real deal! 

Jacob Hibbard

There is hardly anyone in politics I trust as much as Amelia. Not only is she a fearless defender of freedom, but is more than qualified to serve as a county commissioner. She’s demonstrated the leadership, skill, and integrity we need to make Utah county free and prosperous. I will fully endorse any efforts made to elect her as county commissioner.

Jon Anderson

As Utah County Clerk/Auditor and again as Utah County Commissioner, Amelia has done what she said she’d do to improve each office. I endorse her for re-election as Utah County Commissioner so she can continue in her priorities to best serve us and protect our rights.

Lynda & Jim Shumway

When Amelia ran for County Clerk/Auditor, she told us what she would do and she has done it. How refreshing! The voting efficiency for the 2020 election was excellent. As long as we have known Amelia, we have found her to be committed, fair, responsive, well informed, organized, and willing to listen. She understands Utah County government and has a strong foundation of constitutional conservative values. We are pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Amelia for the position of Utah County Commissioner.

Ryan Berg

In the modern political world it’s hard to find talents and competence that is backed by sound moral beliefs and ideas. Having personally known Amelia as family for the past couple years and seen how well she handles herself behind the wheel of a Land Cruiser I can personally recommend her for this position. She has brought amazing changes to the voting process in Utah County. Changes that attracted national attention for being smart and beneficial to all people, not just a party. If you live in Utah County and appreciate conservative values with an openness to do the right thing, you should vote for Amelia. She will be a great commissioner!

Former State Director, US Senator Mike Lee

Dan Hauser

I fully support my friend Amelia Powers Gardner in her run for Utah County Commissioner. She has done a fantastic job as Utah County Clerk and I know that she will do the same as Commissioner.

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