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Not Done Yet!

You elected me to the Utah County Commission just one year ago. Then, I promised to build a conservative vision and strategic plan for Utah County, and I delivered.
Since then we have:
  • Embraced innovation
  • Prepared for population growth
  • Worked with city and state leaders
  • Created accountable and transparent budgeting

Utah County is the fastest-growing county in the state. If our growth is not guided by conservative, common-sense principles, then we can easily go in the wrong direction. Our neighborhoods, schools, churches, families, and community members deserve better.

It is up to the leaders of today, us, you and me, to make sure that as Utah County grows we grow in the right direction.

That is why I took the lead, solicited input, and built a conservative plan to ensure that our county remains fiscally responsible, minimally taxed, and family-focused as we properly prepare for the growth that we are facing.

In just one year, you and I have accomplished much, and we’ve laid a strong foundation for future growth. We cannot slow down now

Over the next four years, I plan to
  • Provide conservative solutions to prepare for population growth
  • Create an environment where small businesses can flourish
  • Innovate to make county services more efficient
  • Balance water resources for population growth and local farming

But to accomplish that I need your help. I view public service as just that, a service. I am always seeking input, ideas, and open communication with you, delegates, voters, and the public. Please schedule a 15-minute call or email me:

This is just the beginning and there is much more to do. Please join me in creating an even better Utah County

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