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Solutions, Not Just Problems, to be Found in Population Growth

Utah County Commissioner Leads County to be Model of Growth for Nation


PROVO, UT – (Mar. 24, 2022) – Managing today’s resources intelligently is critical for Utah County’s unprecedented growth projections, according to Utah County Commissioner Amelia Powers Gardner. 


“With Utah County’s sharp population surge, we have to find solutions within that growth,” said Powers Gardner. “Last year, for example, 40 percent Utah County’s growth originated from outside our county, which means we have a great opportunity to plan now so that the remaining 60 percent growth, which comes from our families, will have places to live, to be educated, and to flourish in a community that supports them and that they can call home.”


Utah’s governor agrees that leadership is needed in an economic growth era.


“We are in a growth economy and must sustain smart practices to keep Utah growing,” said Gov. Spencer Cox. “Once a community falls out of a growth economy, either the local economy falls apart or the community becomes a place where only the ultra-wealthy can live.”


Experts conclude sustaining a growth economy includes key components, such as housing, jobs, water, transportation, clean air, prudent policies, and infrastructure investments.


“Even in the pandemic, 20,000 people moved into Utah County,” said Powers Gardner. “Growth is happening now, and I’m convinced effectively dealing with growth challenges will help us identify that solutions that can benefit us all in this remarkable county.


“We have jobs, we have people, and we have the best place to live in the fastest growing county in the state. We need to adapt our approach to make Utah County response become the best answer.”


In search of workable solutions, Powers Gardner, the first woman commissioner in Utah County’s history, is keenly aware that it is important for Utah County to develop an “all of the above” approach to growth and ensure that the solutions come from within our county and that they maintain our long-held traditions of family, faith and community.


Powers Gardner went on to say, “Simply put, we need a place for a growing population to live, to play, and to work. We have the businesses that want to hire already, but it is up to us to ensure that we have all the necessities for continued success.


“Together, thinking creatively, we can shift our mindset toward intelligent growth as part of the solution. This will continue to produce the higher level of innovation for which our county is becoming known,” she concluded. 


The county commissioner believes that combining Gov. Cox’s vision of effectively managing growth economies with county, city and business leaders will shape forward-thinking policies and infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities facing Utah County.


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Tim Brown


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